Use this calculator to calculate the probability of a coin to surge today. It uses an algorithm that takes into consideration the market capitalization, the position in the market cap chart and the daily and weekly fluctuations, to guess which coin will surge next.

The principle is that a coin that is on a sharp rise but isn't already high due to previous surges (during the past week) will probably surge.

The lowest result wins.

This is just a guess. Of course we are not responsible for any gains or losses you might have!

Go to coinmarketcap.com and filter by 24h. Get the first 5 coins and put the data here. The Green or Yellow coin will go to the moon. This is for 1 day max.

Position is the number under # in coinmarketcap.

We search for the coin with 200% increase in one day!

(only first 100 coins depending on marketcap)

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# Coin Address
1 Bitcoin 3GUZquYuDVU3g5zhTpFHpHwi8VJbAPCQHn
2 Ethereum 0x5ee49E9e0ADd29D17592E9d95e834527eA2fD3c5
3 Litecoin LQbDqbuMDHu9PhW1KucBzViENLHU1EqNpH
4 Dogecoin DFrzrQUkdCFFS2rAz3fdCY3UAVKReRhvbD
5 Cardano DdzFFzCqrhsnc6Ks1YporD96N9jwpoqEw5oj3bUgoKUcHNkiisPQGJ8Q49x4pJ1kccD4F5jiX3zuyqb7DXNpk1Scn13F9kajQ1bhDMwe